Who we are

We are Jamyang Lodoe and Jennifer Neufeld, unlikely and geographically fluid partners who decided a long time ago that it is unnecessary to level the playing field. Instead, we wrote a new game and all the rules. Dharma Dog Karma Cat® is the product of our partnership of east and west, where design and practicality are one, and creativity meets substance.

Jamyang was born and raised on a farm in the remote Himalaya, and didn’t see a car or electricity until he was 8. His experiences range from goat herding as a child, to managing a carpet factory, and running an adventure travel outfitter servicing the rich and famous. I was one of a handful of American women entrepreneurs in wild 90’s Russia, founding a strategic communications firm that grew to hundreds of employees in 11 time zones. Together for more than 20 years, Jamyang and I have more than just an in-depth knowledge of local cultures and businesses, and our goal is simple: to provide economic stability for our artisan partners in a way that is environmentally sustainable, all while maintaining the highest standards of style and quality that you and your customers expect.

Also, we’re those crazy pet people. The ones that wind up scrolling through hundreds of photos of cats and dogs when someone asks to see a picture of their kid. Not that we don’t love our kids, we do. Really. It’s just our pets, well, they’re so cute and they don’t roll their eyes at us when we share our worldly wisdom with them…


If you are a retailer and wish to carry Dharma Dog Karma Cat, register today or email us at sales@karmacat.com